Cutters, Flail Jets and Drain Relining at Clearway Environmental

Cutters, Flail Jets & Drain Relining


You don't have to dig up the whole street to solve the problem. Once we've identified the cause of most blocked drains we can often cure them, using all the latest equipment at our disposal.


If concrete is disposed of down a drain it forms a plug which can be removed using our concrete cutter grinding through the blockage from 4" to 2ft (10cm-60cm). Tree roots can also cause big problems so our root cutters come in many sizes, remotely operated with rotating cutters to power through the problem area.

Flail Jets

Will also work on small tree roots, but predomintely designed to remove the scale that builds up in old pipes or the barnacled on the side of ships.

Drain Relining

If a drain has cracks it can be repaired using our re-lining system internally which effectively moulds a new pipe inner tightly against the wall of the existing pipe when access through excavation isn't possible.