Drain and Sewer Cleaning at Clearway Environmental

Industrial & Commercial Drain & Sewer Cleaner Combination Unit


Typically in factories and on motorways where there is no access to water hydrants, we use our Vacuum and Jetting Recycling Machine. An environmentally friendly system that recycles waste water and jets it back to clear the blockage.

Remote control allows easy one-man operation, so our skilled operator can position himself at the best remote vantage point, to direct the vehicle's operation.


Save time and money with our large capacity Recycler that eliminates filling up time.

100 gallons per minute, high volume jetter at a pressure of 3000psi.


Our large capacity unit cleans large bore pipes used in industry and commerce, clearing significant volumes of silt and debris. If necessary we will refit pumps or pipes for smooth operation.

Our operating staff are fully trained and certified to use the equipment and to work in confined spaces.


Pump water at 100 gallons per minute at a pressure of up to 3000 psi and deliver real vacuuming power.

JHL Recycler 312

Especially developed for carrying out heavy jetting jobs in which the fully automatic cleaning process ensures continuous recycling of the jetting water.

Hydraulically operated hose reel with 150 m 5/4” jetting hose
with manual swivel.

A capacity of 85 gallons per minute at 140 bar control of
 pressure and flow from the control panel.